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[Advice] Animation plugin


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My name is Daniel, and I am new here, I have find a few nice solutions and I´ve been reading in the shadows for a while, now I am registering to ask you something.

I am developing with PIXIJS for me company already for 1 year or so.

I´ve been using PIXIJS + Tweens and until now, everything has been flawlessly. But I have a new requirement and I don´t know how to achieve it with Pixi-Tween (probably it´s not possible) so I am asking here for a similar plugin as Pixi-Tween that supports this requirements...

Imagine I have a linear tween, that goes from x:0 to x: 100 in 10 seconds with 5 seconds of delay. This is quite easy to achieve with Tweens, right? But what I want is to set the tween manually by adding time value, example:


Tween.Update(5000); object does not move (it is still on delay time)

Tween.Update(10000); object moves to the position x: 50.

Tween.Update(5000); object moves to initial position x: 0


What I want to achieve is to control all animations by a timeline, move forward and back in time whatever I want.

I have spent a bit of time taking a look to pixi-tween.js and seems it is not possible, everything is based on deltas, not absolute time.

Is there any other library as PIXI-Tween with more or less same interface with From and To objects, same (or better) easing functions, time and delay?


Any help is appreciated.

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You can look at pixi-spine or pixi-animate, how they handle curves and animations. But they are also based on delta's.

There's no solution, because when people make their own tool they either make very bad code or hide it behind a paywall.

It looks like you need to level-up your skills and make your own timeline and open-source it for everyone :)

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