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ArcRotate Camera Custom Input to move LockedTarget


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Howdy friends,

Got an issue I'm trying to sort out with how I want to customize the input controls for the ArcRotate Camera. I'd like to take the existing ArcRotate Camera and keep the Alpha inputs standard, but update the Beta inputs to move the lockedTarget of the camera. So imagine "scrolling" the canvas would move the camera and instead of move the Beta of the camera. Unclear where to begin on this.

@Deltakosh I'd setup a playground but given it wouldn't be much more than the default ArcRotate template I've not done that here.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!


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21 hours ago, Wingnut said:

This is pretty clever @Wingnut @Deltakosh! And it's super performant. It's nice that it picks up the inertial properties of the angularSensibility.

For the last piece...I was able to achieve my final effect by doing the same for radius as well. (Luckily I'm using an orthographic camera mode so I don't need to make use of the radius). 

Check it out:


Buttery smooth! Thanks as always pals!


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