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Problem with diffuseTexture

Jon DevoS

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Hi guys i have a problem with material diffuseTexture here PG https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ICZEXW#1
or every another PG where used
diffuseTexture ( not necessary  its must be texture atlas), or loaded obj model with textures on some mobile devices firefox or default browsers i see only black cube without loaded textures (diffuseColor works) but if i set disableWebGL2Support = true textures working good.
Can u help me?

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yes its works on many of mobile devices and browsers
but on someones its not working like:

on xiaomi 1s(android 4.3) firefox not working but on xiaomi 4x(android 7.1.2) with the same version firefox its working good
on Samsung S5(Android 6.0.1) default browser not working and iPhone 6(iOS 8.4.1) problem and i think someone another

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So definitely driver related.

You could check browser agent and disable webgl2 on the broken devices you target and you could try to raise the issue with the different browser and/or hardware vendors.

Unfortunately it is not in our hand to fix it, or you ll have the fix ASAP ?

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The issue is it is per device/os version.

Something is not working in their implementation of webgl2 on their platform. So either you ll record the failing browser agent in a list and you check against this list or you could try to render one frame in webgl2 and read the pixel by code to check if it is green or black for instance.

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