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Hello all,

I am rendering out some images which get posted back to my server and I'm having issues with the function firing more frequently than it should.

I have two loops; loop1 & loop2... which should call the createThumbnail() function 9 times in total and then stop rendering. However, if you have a look at the console you will see that it gets called 36 times in total (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8).

Here's a PG:

I think I'm doing something silly & obvious, but can't see it... any help would be very welcome.

Thank you,


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That's just the index of the loops.... not the number of times they are called.  This is doing what you're expecting.  Well it's just calling it 8 times but that's probably due to the AfterEvent not firing the way you have the code.


What are you trying to achieve?  It seems a little over-complicated.


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Here's a tweaked PG.. the numbers in the blue circles on the previous attachment are duplicated lines on the console. ... this shows what I thought, that for example 'loop1: 3 loop2 3' is called eight times.

I am ultimately trying to achieve a series of images to be saved to my server; loop1 might be an array of camera locations and loop2 might be an array of material colours.

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This is due to the fact you are registering more and more tasks on the observable on each loop and they are running async.

so on 1 1 you put a callback in the observable runninng next frame 

on 1 2 you add a new one so 2 captures ill happen next frame and so on...

Why not using smthg more direct like ?

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