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Isometric monster / npc assets


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Hi all,

i was researching if i can build (again) an action RPG game but similar as in the past i cant find enough game assets




I guess its quite hard to draw several images 9x ( for 9 directions ) and each time walk / fight / die and put it out for free or low price

i need something like this




They ^ are quite good but its not enough

But what is the alternative, if i dont wish to lower the outcome ?

Anyway i was thinking to maybe multiply the existing assets and just add various effects graphical or particle / light effects etc

Or are there 3D models with animations that could work as a basis to create isometric view ?

I wouldnt mind to pay, but i dont wish to deal with artists, i need finished solutions because i cant tell upfront what i may need.


Anyway if you know about some assets like in diablo 2 let me know (post links).

Or other crazy ideas.


Maybe i am asking for too much.


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