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white diffuse color

Jon DevoS

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actually your bottom cube is already white.

You may want to make the character disapear from textute instead ? in this case, the texture needs to be dynamically updated. Probably it needs an alpha channel and then, this one be set with a time function. Not sure... maybe there's a simpler approach by changing the mix and the way it's mixed between the texture and the emissive color. I'm not expert in this domain.

I think anyway the texture must be modified at a certain point.

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This works, but usually as standard materials are subject to light, in order to emit lights (white) you need to play withe the emissive color:

https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ICZEXW#87 (just as a quick example)

Easiest would be to use an unlit material so you would not see any lighting artifacts:





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