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Collision detection


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Hola amigos


one last question and i wont badder you for a while hopefully :)


i need to know 4 things to make a game, 1 sprites, 2 variables, 3 animation and 4 and most imortant collision detection:


in enchant is and very efficient:










I am sure theres something like it here. in the example file for sprites they all are reference as sprite and then put properties with "this" i dont see an identifier for each


thanks a lot for the help and insight :)

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I dint notice it too Enpu because is about gravity, i am not too advance programer, i like to do more arcade games where i just put .x += speed more simple, i am shure this si simple example for good programers but you are simulating gravity wich is too advance for me, i just thinking about just a little car sprite coliding with another and remove child, so if someone or you has a simple example like this for and old man i will thank you a lot, good night all :)

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