Issue with iPhone and registerBeforeRender

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I need to make custom operations before or after the render and it works nicely on Chrome and Firefox (tested in windows), also works nice on Android but you cannot move the camera in iPhone

here are the mandatory examples


Working (just commented out the registerBeroreRender)


Any tip on this? Thank you in advance.


Btw: most of my code is based on an example that a user posted in the forum but I cannot longer find the post to make a proper attribution sorry!

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42 minutes ago, trevordev said:

@VictorF Could you try using scene.onBeforeRenderObservable.add(your function) and scene.onAfterRenderObservable.add(your function) instead and see if that works?

Weird it works on but not in my own example anyway something is weird there since registerBeroreRender is not working even in the simplier case.

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This is totally weird... this one works

and this other doesn't work

But the second one is just the first one downloaded and copied to my server thats all, also it works ok in PC and Android devices but cannot be used in iPhone devices

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6 hours ago, max123 said:

Try adding this to your code:

canvas.setAttribute("touch-action", "none");

it worked I cannot imagine why this works but <canvas id="renderCanvas" touch-action = "none"></canvas> does not.

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