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Question: Create group of enemies that fires to one sprite that is moving


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Hi, I'm new with Phaser, I'm wondering how can I create a group of enemies that appears at the side of the screen in a random Y position between 550px and 745 px, after they appear they need to start to fire to my character

Right now I have a function to create the bullets and how they will be fired:

createBullets:function(laserToFire,track,offsetX, offsetY, bulletDirection,fireRate,bulletSpeed){
        weapon = gameSP.add.weapon(10, laserToFire);
        weapon.bulletKillType = Phaser.Weapon.KILL_WORLD_BOUNDS;
        weapon.bulletSpeed = bulletSpeed;      
        weapon.fireRate = fireRate;
        weapon.trackSprite(track, offsetX, offsetY);
        weapon.fireAngle = bulletDirection;right

So what I'm looking to do is to have each one of my enemies within the group to fire to my character.

Thanks in advance.

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