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Rotate bounding box of follower object


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Hi Everyone,

I want to rotate my bounding box of my follower object that I've created. Is this even possible? If so, how to do it?

This is a little snippet of my code:

class Car {
    constructor(game, texture, path){
        var curve = new Phaser.Curves.Path(game.cache.json.get(path));

        var graphics = game.add.graphics(); 
        graphics.lineStyle(1, 0xff0000, 1);
        curve.draw(graphics, 128);
        graphics.fillStyle(0x00ff00, 0.5);
        this.game = game;
        this.car = this.game.add.follower(curve, 0, 0, texture);

        //Set the size of the bounding box
        this.car.setSize(0,35, true);    
        this.car.rotate = 45 //?????
        this.path = path;

        //Start following along the predefined path
            duration: 7000,
            positionOnPath: true,
            rotateToPath: true,
            verticalAdjust: true

So what I want is this: 


but what I get is this:



How can I achieve that with a follower?




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Based on the `physics.world.enableBody` in the code, it looks like you're using Arcade Physics. If that's the case, keep in mind that Arcade Physics only support collision between axis-aligned bounding boxes (AABBs) and circles, i.e. you can't rotate bodies. If you need rotation, look into a more complicated physics engine such as Matter.js (it's available out-of-the-box). Phaser also supports Impact Physics, but I've never used them and I don't know if they support rotation.

You could also combine a library like SAT.js with Arcade's collision handlers to pull this off, but it's likely a lot more complicated than switching physics engines, especially if you're early in development.

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