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Blender EEVEE / cycles testing

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I have completed the coding of the evaluation of nodes material trees, and am writing out either STD or PBR materials.  Still need to integrate baking.  This is in the javascrypt exporter.

Seeing that Blender 2.80 project has over 2300 open Bugs/tasks (see absolute chart, not per day stuff), think I am going to modify the EEVEE branch:

  • Remove the couple changes that will not work in 2.79 (lamp syntax & mesh changes which blow up eventually anyway)
  • Migrate the new way of doing materials from TOB
  • generate a zip file & push to branch.

You may then use this for Cycles nodes as either STD or PBR materials.  If you need internal renderer materials, or much better tested code, use the zip file from the master branch.

Think this will break out the biggest functional changes, from the dozen or so compatibility problems.  More on this thread when available.

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