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Flambe.js music issues in Chrome 66


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Hey Guys I have a few eCards created in Flambe.  Chrome 66 update has messed up the music and I need these fixed urgently for Christmas.

Please help!

Check some of the cards out here:


I think we have around 10 that need fixing.

Please contact me initially via: https://ekarda.com/contact with pricing and suggested turn around time.  I need this started immediately and completed QUICKLY as we supply cards for Christmas

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@ekarda I imagine you don't want a "click to play" button on the e-card?  So options that allow sound to be heard directly from a new user opening a new link will be limited (Media Engagement Index might kick in for repeat visitors who engage with the cards).  A creative approach might be to ask the user to "open their card" taking it out of an envelope and thereby capturing the interaction event necessary to enable autoplay?

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