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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Guys I have a few eCards created in Flambe. Chrome 66 update has messed up the music and I need these fixed urgently for Christmas. Please help! Check some of the cards out here: I think we have around 10 that need fixing. Please contact me initially via: with pricing and suggested turn around time. I need this started immediately and completed QUICKLY as we supply cards for Christmas
  2. We published this game over a year ago, but I entirely forgot about posting it here. It's a cute physics removal puzzler. Created using Flambe in Haxe with Nape physics. Art made using Flash. Save the Ice Cubes in this physics puzzler with unique twist. [puzzle, removal, physics]. Play Here Feel free to ask about anything about this game. The game is also available for non-exclusive licensing. Please contact me if you are interested.
  3. Wabbit Mountain Madness Hello! This is a project we got commissioned by Cartoon Network while I was working in Artik Games, it was released at the beggining of this year. It was developed on Haxe: Flambe, compiled for HTML5 with desktop and mobile compatibility. It weighs just 15mb and runs pretty smoothly even in older hardware, like Galaxy S3. More on the technical details below, here is the game link, a gameplay video and a screenie: Play it! Mirror: Gameplay Video Sreenie The game was developed by a three-person team during one and a half months. I participated as programmer, togheter with a 2d artist and a game designer. On the technical side of things, I choosed the Haxe: Flambe engine because it was one of the only ones fitting the constraints we had in place: Compiles to HTML5 The game weighs less than 20mb Compatible with desktop and mobile inputs Performs well on mobile browsers Makes it possible to compile to native Android using Adobe Air (although finally this didn't happen) Being my first experience with Haxe, I felt really comfortable with the language and tools available. We worked most of the animations in Flash and used the import tool Flambe provides. The API also has a very useful Script class which makes tweening and sequencing a breeze, really painless. It's also possible to communicate to the browser from inside the game, which allowed me to develop an internal tool used for level-design, with a hacky combination of flambe, javascript and php. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game and I'm open for questions! I'm currently freelancing so feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring me for some work
  4. Hi html5 game developers I just finished my first HTML5 game 'Animaline', puzzle game to connect animals on hex-board. [Game] [Dropbox] [My webserver] [Additional information] I'm looking for an exclusive or non-exclusive sponsorship. If you are interested in 'Animaline' send me a PM or mail me to Any feedback appreciated and thanks for playing! Regards, Jay yoo
  5. Are there any flambe devs here? I would appreciate a flambe framework section on this board.
  6. I finished my second Ludum Dare game, Dungeon Break! Link: Story: A deranged wizard has trapped you in his magical dungeon deep beneath the ground! To escape you need exploit the dungeon itself. Reach the stairs to get to the next level and finally -- to the surface and to freedom! Controls: Mouse/touch only. Click adjacent tiles to move left/right/up/down. Click and drag (e.g. swipe) tiles to push rows horizontally and columns vertically. NOTE: Rows/columns containing "X"-blocks cannot be pushed. Development tools:Coded in Haxe using the Flambe game engine. Graphics are doing using Pixelmator. Music is made using Autotracker + Audacity. Sound effects are made using Sfxr (procedurally).
  7. Proud to have my very own game! It's my take on a very populair concept. The level is the same everytime (seeded random) so you can improve your score and get better Its available as html5 game (webgl+canvas, works on a lot of mobile devices), in the Android PlayStore and the Appstore is on its way! Play now, and share your score
  8. Hi All! At the current state - topic more about performance benchmarking and not about real game)) Yesterday I've made sort of "infinite-scroll game" template. But I have serious doubts about - is mobile devices performance enough for this kind of gameplay? On my low-end android phone game shows miserable 8-10 FPS Here you can play: (lite version, less clouds and no bg) Rocketz! If you have different mobile devices available (especially from Apple) - i will very appreciate if you could help with testing. How much FPS do you have? Also FPS counter may not show exact result, so also please write couple words about general playability after testing. Thanks! WARNING! Game is truly infinite, do not try to collect all candies