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I have tried Phaser for a couple of weeks and I am trying to create something like a zoom in zoom out functionality on a 2D platformer. I am having trouble with setting the view of the game.


I am using Phaser 1.1.3



First Approach:

this.camera.screenView.width *= 5;

I tried giving a different value for the camera's screenview. Screenview values changed but there are no changes with the camera's view.



Second Approach:

this.game.world.scale.x = 10

I tried giving a different value for the world's scale, but the result is the same with the first approach. Nothing happend



Third Approach:

gameGroup.setAll('scale.x', 5);platforms.setAll('scale.x', 5);gameGroup.add(platforms);

I tried creating a nested group but I was receiving an undefined errors.

 TypeError: e is undefined @ filephaser.min.js:2



Any ideas, suggestions or samples on how I should do this are welcomed.


Thank you :)

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