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Cross-Code coming to Switch Discussion


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An HTML5 game Cross-Code is coming to the Switch, but looking around there isn't any tech available for wrapping an HTML5 game up for the Switch. 

Nothing like Cordova, NW.js, etc. Unlike the Wii U which had the Nintendo Web Framework, which isn't available for the Switch.


The developer RadicalFishGames confirmed that it's their publisher Deck13 that is porting it but hasn't released any details of how.

How do people think they've managed to port it?

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I have no idea how they did it, but technically it shouldn't be too difficult to get it working with the original html5. Switch does have a browser, it wouldn't be far-fetched if it supported webgl. And if not, bundling it with V8/chakra and doing some thin wrapper over opengl should also work, although that would probably require some tinkering.

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