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WebGL Action/Adventure Game Tossed Bones Available For Non-Exclusive License


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Hello everyone,

I’ve recently released an adventure-action (also a bit romance) platformer game. It has 20 levels and including 4 bosses. Graphics are based on a pixel art style. There are also some RPG game mechanics such as: upgradable skills-weapons, collectable items and discoverable others’ stories, treasures etc..

Game is currently available on Google Play store and on Web so that you can play in one of these platforms. If you’re interested in, I can sell a non-exclusive license for your portal.

Please, send me an e-mail: [email protected]

Here is the game trailer:

You can play on Web:

Google Play store:


♥ 20 levels and including 4 bosses.
♥ Pixel art style with rich environment.
♥ Collect as much as coin you can, and spend your hard-earned coins to upgrade your skills and weapons.
♥ Avoid deadly traps and obstacles.
♥ Use your "Dash" ability to break bones!
♥ Search through dark dungeons, castles and ivy based areas to find out treasures.
♥ Discover others' hidden stories..
♥ A love based story with adventure elements.
♥ Side scrolling platform with gloomy and dark atmospheres.
♥ Hack and slash metroidvania style with pixel art technique.

*** As a note, touchpad controller will be hidden on the Web version.







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