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"Vibrating" blocks on mobile devices


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Phaser defaults to SAP as well, so it's not that.


p2 World defaults are: 


gravity: 0, -9.78

friction: 0.3


Phaser sets both of these to 0. So you may want to change back. Although I see the collision demo sets gravity to 10 (values are p2, not px)


More importantly though he's adjusted the solver defaults:

        world.solver.iterations = 20;        world.solver.stiffness = 1e4;        world.solver.relaxation = 4;

You can do the same via a physics configuration object in the game constructor.

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Unfortunately it did not help.

I tried it with pure p2 and pixi - no phaser at all. Here as well: as soon as I set the anchor of the sprites to 0.5 they start "vibrating".


So I normalized the p2 position values to fit an anchor at 0,0. Now I got no vibrations and correct physics.

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