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There are Flash people here, but the problem is actually very big. I know that AwayJS has the best solution to AS2, and I'm developing custom solution for AS3. There's also @botmaster whos work is related to Flash conversion. 

Can you at least rename and properly form posts please? It seems that we'll have many discussions and I will be disappointed if other mods just ban you for shouting :)

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For people coming from Flash I recommend working with typescript based projects, not javascript based projects. Setting up PIXI with typescript projects is a little bit more tricky but the familiarity and ease of development and concepts for former AS3 coders is worth it. PIXI in itself is fairly similar to AS3 framework but there's a learning curve like with any new technology.

As for direct conversion (like old Flash project > to typescript/PIXI project) that's a totally different idea. Converting code is not the problem, converting to something that maps to PIXI or other WebGL based framework is the main problem. I did solve it to some extend by building a mapping framework on top of PIXI that mirrors as much and accurately as possible the AS3 framework but that's not perfect.

Better would be a true WebGL/typescript based framework that mirrors/provides out of the box all relevant AS3 classes/methods for a near seamless code conversion, but that is a very big project and javascript poor handling of scope and circular dependencies makes it impossible anyway to match perfectly the AS3 framework.

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