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need help in pixijs masking


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Need help on my project and I am pretty new on pixijs. I need to mask an image ( avatar ) with circle( like border-radius ) and make the image contained and behaves like a background contain or cover.

 // set player avatar
      this.maskC[x] = new PIXI.Graphics();
      this.maskC[x].beginFill(0, 1);
      this.maskC[x].drawCircle(0, 0, 50);
      this.maskC[x].width = this.profile_container[x].width * .2;
      this.maskC[x].height = this.maskC[x].width;
      this.maskC[x].renderable = true;
      const texture = PIXI.Texture.from(`${data[x].avatar}`);
      this.avatar[x] = new PIXI.Sprite(texture);
      this.avatar[x].mask = this.maskC[x];
      this.avatar[x].position.x = this.profile_container[x].width * .08;
      this.maskC[x].position.x = this.avatar[x].position.x + (this.avatar[x].position.x * .5);
      this.maskC[x].position.y = rank.position.y + (this.maskC[x].height/5);

Thanks in advance. Any help I really appreciate it.

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First disable the line "this.avatar[x].mask = this.maskC[x];" and visually see where the mask is.  Due to the addChild the mask's position will be relative to its parent (avatar) ... fixing this will be trivial once you can see it.  As we don't know your exact expectation on alignment I won't suggest specifics.

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