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Flambe/HaXe and Pixi ?

Mathieu Anthoine

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The studio I work for, has more than 12 years of Flash experience, we have our own Framework that works very well and that we have ported on different technologies (ActionScript/Flash/Starling/Stage 3D /Cocos 2DX / Unity...). This Framework is obviously linked to our workflow and it's the reason we want to keep it as it is for the whole team, in particular the graphic team.


We have ported this framework on HTML5 using TypedScript for the code and Pixi.js for the rendering engine.


Some of our clients use Flambe and HaXe, so we need to ported our Framework to these.


As Pixi has a really good reputation in terms of speed, I would like to know if some people have experienced the same speed with Flambe (Canvas or WebGL) ?

If it's not the case, can we plug Pixi on the Flambe/HaXe framework to have the benefit of a solid language (HaXe), an easy multi support framework (Flambe) and the speed of the rendering Engine (Pixi) ?


I didn't see a lot of informations on that on the internet, just this library ( https://github.com/regniraj/pixi.js-haxe-extern ) but that has alas not a lot of activity since one year, that is not a good thing I think.



Mat ? Aduros ? or someone that is in the same situation ? Maybe you can clarify my interrogations ?


Thanks in advance


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After reading more stuff I realise that my question is a bit out of purpose.

In fact use pixi with flambe would be only useful if I just export to html5, then it's not interesting to use Flambe in particular.

And if I focus only html5, I can use pixi with Haxe without problems with the extern lib I have posted in the previous message.

So finally I have my answer :|

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