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Tilingsprite blank horizontal line visual bug


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I'm trying to use tilingsprite for the ground layer, and moving background layers in a 2d scroller game.

There is a small but easily noticable visual bug at the edges of the textures.
It seems like pixijs puts the second texture one pixel farther, than it should be.


I scale all pixi.DisplayObject to fit the screen, in the current image the scale was between 1-2.

I tried it out with scale=1, but the result was the same.



I could work around this issue, by using 2 textures, and do a custom tilingsprite, but I think it would be nicer to use the pixijs one.


It would be important for me to fix this issue.


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I want to make my game scaleable to any resolution. The integer scale is not enough.

I will try to the following.

On resize, and gamestart event

  1. create a new rendertexture with the necessery width-height.
  2. I put the original texture in a temp sprite
  3. scale it to the required value
  4. render the sprite on the rendertexture
  5. put the rendertexture in to the tilingsprite.

Since the rendertexture's scale will be 1 the tilingsprite will render it correctly on the screen.


This could be a garbage collectors wet dream, but : 

I will restrict to max 1 resize / sec, since every resize about 5 rendertexture have to be (one for each tilingsprite) created/dropped.


Does this makes sense?

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This sounds like a bug to me. Using gl.REPEAT should not produce seams if you have a power of two texture.

Also might want to double check and ensure the texture itself is seamless, and isn't the problem. And check the canvas renderer to see if the issue shows there as well.

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