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I like to share my games for review to improve my games in future updates

Nishanth M

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   I am an independent game developer. I have released five simple 2D puzzle games for android mobile using Cordova,Phaser 2 and Phaser 3 game engine. I like to share my games to review,in below I listed all my games google play store link in below, this games are free to download no app in purchase but it contains admob ads it will not bother while you are playing.

My Games: 
* Match 3 Color Ring - Puzzle Board Game
* Puzzle Brick - The Free! Classic Plus Gems Blast
* Block Puzzle - The Classic Tetris Blitz Candy Land
* 2048 - Slide N Merge Numbers Classic Puzzle Box!
* Match 3 Color Block - A Rings Puzzle Blast Mania

   Please download and play my games. Leave your honourable comments to improve my games in future.

   Note: My games are not collecting any personal information's from your mobile. All my games are complies with google play's Families Policy requirements and Designed for Families program Requirements.

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Well done nice games. So basically you made these games in html5 and then ported to google app store, via Cordova. Is it a better option then CocoonJS, Cordova, or PhoneGap. Let me know what you think. 

Also about google AdMob integration with these html5 games, how you managed to do it. And once again nice games perfectly on point. 

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I really appreciate your comments,Thank you very much.

I think CocoonJs is better because initially I used cocoonJs for create android apk and I used some plugins it is good but now CocoonJs is not available so I switched to cordova it also seems good to use.
There is no major different between cordova and phonegap, because phonegap is a distribution of cordova for more details please refer this blog.
I have integrated admob by using cordova admob plugin it is called cordova-plugin-admob-free, this plugin is so easy to integrate and very handy to use.

And once again thank you very much for spent your valuable time to review my games.

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