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iOS: RAF fire takes much longer than actual processes / zoom focus issue


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Has anyone ever seen this where my RAF wants to take up the entire frame (~15ms) but the processes within don't take very long (~3ms)? My app is running iOS on Cordova with wkwebview.

Long RAFs: https://imgur.com/a/2KVeKJZ

Processes within one RAF: https://imgur.com/a/CnUNSfk


When I zoom into the canvas (by doing the two finger swipe on the iPad) and then zoom out, the RAF fixes to take up only ~5ms total. 

After zoom trick: https://imgur.com/a/RSzmrTI

Is the PIXI canvas loosing focus, like as if I went to another tab on the web? I'm not sure what is happening here, thanks for any help! ? 

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i don't know why you use canvas app for zooming with pixijs but did you have  


Am really not sure if this can help but you can maybe experiment with result.
From what i know, it should affect DOM painting and scaling elements.

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