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What's wrong with your current system?

If you answer that then you'll know what you need in a _better_ system. Without knowing an answer to the above then you're just mucking around.

The options for storage that you have are reasonably limited. You can use an in-browser database (modern browsers all support indexeddb, edge will soon add it for v2, websql isn't completely supported), or send your game state off to a remote server to store how you like. None of these are better or worse than local storage, they're just different methods and what works _best_ for you is dependent on your use case.

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The answer depends on your use-case.

Local storage is a great option for many use-cases.

Some use-cases where it definitely is not a good solution:

* Users playing from multiple devices/browsers (local storage lives in one browser and can not be shared)

* Local storage, in theory, can be nuked at any time by the browser (I've never seen or heard of it happening, but, browsers make no guarantees)

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