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I am confused by PIXI.Graphics.getBounds () behavior


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I am a new for PIXI.

When I want to draw surrounding line on a rectangle , i use getBounds() method.

But there is  something difference between 2 calls,  the first time I got a coordinate which is relative to the app stage,  second time I got a coordinate which is relative to the  browser window.

However, between two calls, the  invoked PIXI.Graphics has the same parent and children .I just don't know why is it. 

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I just don't know how to abstract my problem into a demo vividly, maybe like this:


And  I have a typing error above  PIXI.Graphics.getBounds() should be PIXI.Sprite.getBounds() instead.

I noticed that in my own program, PIXI version point to 4.5.5, while the pixi-playground hold the minimum version for v4.6.1,

And in v4.6.1 , my problem didn't reproduce.  It's time to upgrade my pixi version:D

thanks for your reply a lot.


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I've modified demo a bit to make bounds visible.

Your problem with demo  is that bunny dont have width/height , they are not loaded yet ;) fromImage('some.png') cant get information about image right now the same way <img src=...> doesnt show you image the same , unless that image is pre-loaded. If you consolelog bunny's dimensions - you'll see zeros.

You have to use loader for that demo.

Also, I cant guarantee anything about previous versions, we've fixed so many bugs..

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