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Hi Team,

 I am banging my head against wall from 2 days. I have a video of different sizes. User can crop video (Just showing cropping area on top  of video and getting x,y, coordinates of cropping area). End of the day using back end server I will capture cropped video until I have to mask the video as cropped. 

Lets assume video original size if 720x1280,  the size I am going to show may not be with same size (e.g. 520x292). So after cropping done, I will get the x-scale and y-scale using below formula.

var scaleX = 520/720;

var scaleY = 1280/292;

var cropX = croppedX * scaleX;

var cropY = croppedY * scaleY;

I could able get actual cropping dimensions but I could not understand how to implement scale in pixi sprite to mask as a cropped video.

I am using setTransform method but could not meet desired result.

let scaleX = (this._assetSprite.width/newMediaData.croppedDimensions.width);
let scaleY = (this._assetSprite.height/newMediaData.croppedDimensions.height);
this._assetSprite.setTransform (-(newMediaData.croppedDimensions.x * (scaleX)),
-(newMediaData.croppedDimensions.y * (scaleY)));


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It should be easy, but I dont understand, do you want to crop it or un-crop it? Can you make a simple demo that we can fix?

setTransform() just sets position and scale. If you want to crop existing texture. Depends on the case, you also have to change "sprite.texture.frame" and update its uvs.

Yes, its a very difficult task if its your first time working with Flash/PixiJS/whatever transforms and texture crops.

Welcome to the forums!

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