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Appropriate use of the right tools


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I am trying to build an trading orderbook heatmap which basically takes all pending orders from a securities and plots it in the form of a heatmap shown below where brighter colors mean more volumes.  Canvas 2D implementation has has performance issues given the number of blocks and so I am exploring the idea of using webGL through PIXIJS as I am familiar with Canvas 2D APIs.  Would like to know which tools should I start experimenting with.  I understand you may not have a definite set but a menu of tools to choose and experiment with for best performance).  Use case is to efficiently draw large number of small blocks




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what about PIXI.RenderTexture ?
I do it very fast i don't know if i do it well, maybe @ivan.popelyshev can confirm.
I use this kind of rendering for my item menu with a lot of stuff.
Also add some culling will maybe help here

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