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Partners/Ad Tech/Publishers worth working with?


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 So I've noticed that there has been quite a few anger posts about X company(ies), in my years of mostly just observing here.   With things like cutting games out of the front page/search a hundred dollars from the cash out thresholds, going to less and less lucrative ads on purpose to keep you from cash out thresholds, using "self owned" ad companies to double dip on ad revenue on their side, blatantly lying about views/usage when the developer has their own server logs, strongly featuring clones over originals (even while having some IP from the original in it), and similar.


So I'm wondering if it's worth turning around and mentioning companies that have been worth partnering with.   Things like having favorable terms, requiring less effort than other partners, actually holding up their end of the deal(s), and/or just straight up being approachable.

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