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Antialiased circles and rounded rectangles?


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Hi Everyone!

I have an odd problem (in v5) where setting `antialias: true` works with sprites, text and rectangular graphics, but not sprites containing Pixi-created graphics with rounded edges (such as circles and rounded rectangles.)

Has anyone seen this problem before or understand what I'm describing? (Sorry, I would upload an image of what I'm seeing but the board won't let me upload files for some reason.)





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antialias cant work on extra framebuffers, such as RenderTexture, only on main one. Several ways to fix it

1. generate textures of bigger resolution and convert them to resolution=1 afterwards.

2. generateCanvasTexture() exists only in pixi-legacy.js ,  https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/releases/tag/v5.1.5 - just take the file with canvas2d support.

3. wait when I make PR for MSAA framebuffers in webgl2. wont work in webgl1.

4. New way, was discovered not so long ago: render it in separate canvas, with another webglrenderer and use Texture.from() on it, then draw part of those contexts to a new renderTexture. Its as fast as MSAA variant but it'll work in webgl1 too, basically its the same as blitFramebuffer. One extra problem - Texture.from(anotherCanvas) will have to be updated (texture.update()) every time you draw something new on temporary webgl canvas.

Summary: its old problem that has no easy automatic solution for all existance of webgl. We slowly crawling to solve it but its still there.

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