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Funny request! GameDistribution.com


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Reason: Hi there! Nice game! Could you make sure that there are no outgoing links in the game? Now at the start menu the MORE GAMES leads you away from the game. You can of course mention the site, but can you make sure that (accidentally) clicking it will not lead you away from the game? Then it's all good! We do this to prevent user frustration and to make sure the game has the best UX and revenue potential, please let me know if you have any questions!

That's the reason why GameDistribution.com declined my game. So funny, we can't put a more games link in our games? If we upload the game, it's became your games?


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Hey Uronstone,


We are always testing new ways to improve the user experience in the games we distribute on Game Distribution. This week, we decided to run some tests and test games without outgoing links in order to increase: Gameplay time, game performance,  ad impressions/gameplay on the games. 

In short, this was done having both our publishers, developers and players in mind. Outgoing links take players out of the games and it can be bad for the user experience. We are starting to partner up with some big publishers that are asking for games only without outgoing links. This was done to make sure your games are picked up by those publishers too.

That being said, I must agree that our method was not the best and we should have communicated that better. Because of that reason, we are doing an internal test and currently still allowing games with outgoing links. In the future, we will create a better and more strict set of rules  in order to improve on all ends.

Any doubts, just shoot me a DM.


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