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Sprite texture from dynamically rendered SVG?


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Hi Everyone!

Just a quick (hopefully!) general question for someone who might have done something like this before. I'm working on a game with lots of speech bubbles. The bubbles can contain a variable amount of text, so they would need to dynamically scale based on how much text they contain. The text also needs to be screen-reader accessible, so it can't be purely embedded in a bitmap. I'm thinking of dynamically rendering the speech bubbles with text as SVG. My question is: can I use the dynamically rendered SVG as a Pixi sprite texture?

Thank you!


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Yes, you can.

texture = Texture.from(canvas);

//each time you update canvas


Also you can embed it into your own SVGResource like that



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Just now, d13 said:

that's why we dont have any special API's for that in pixi, except SVGResource. Anyone can do that if they know how to upload canvas2d to webgl texture in pixi.

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