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Loading Sounds and Json...?


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Hi Everyone!

Just wondering what the state of Pixi's loader is these days: Does it handle sound files and Json? 

I remember trying to load sounds with the version used in 3.x, I had to set extensions Resource.LOAD_TYPE.XHR and Resource.XHR_RESPONSE_TYPE.BUFFER for each sound file type. Is this still something I'll need to do.

How about JSON, can I just load that as-is?


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json is detected as json. "resources['mystuff'].data - here it is .

Yes, buffer is still like in v3 but function names are bit different. maybe.


As for how to use sounds, look in pixi-sound , it has some quirks that you have to ask about in its repo.

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Thanks Ivan!! I will check out those updated references.

I've used my own sound library in the past, which has worked will with Pixi in the past. I used Pixi's loader to load the sounds then, then my library to decode them (https://github.com/kittykatattack/sound.js/issues/8)

I've never used pixi-sound.. how stable is it? If it works well on ie11 I might consider it but it seems like there are some issues.


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