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Extending PIXI.utils


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Are there some examples of extending PIXI.utils namespace?

Taking a look at Pixi's debugging and editor tools, the Free Transform Tool appears to extend PIXI.utils - cool library, looks pretty alpha without npm or webpack.  Just references PIXI in a global scope and attempts to prototype utils.

If I want to extend Pixi through utilities, or maybe just provide webpack module libraries through npm, any recommendations such as good example projects to follow?

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Extending such way its supported with webpack is difficult. Most of my plugins work like that:

import * as PIXI from "pixi.js";
global.PIXI = PIXI;

then pixi-spine takes global PIXI and adds "PIXI.spine" inside, and also a few methods for existing classes in pixi.

You can use the same approach - make a library that works with global pixi. In future we'll provide a way that is free of problems like "there are two versions of pixi in node_modules now", we have some problems with peer dependencies.

Right now dont focus on webpack and just do this thing.

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