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I'm sorry, I'm not that good with shadertoy. Can you please elaborate?

As for pixi filters, you can pass the texture in any uniform.

If you want to use previous frame, here is a big hack that didnt make it into a plugin: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Hacks#re-use-previous-frame-of-filtered-object

And first thing that you have to do is to set filterArea to "app.screen" or "renderer.screen" because you really dont want to have problems with temporary pow2-sized textures, you need full screen first. You can move to temp textures later when your stuff works.

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Filters are made to be applied on a temporary texture where container contents are displayed. If you dont have a container with stuff - most probably you dont need a filter.

Maybe you need a mesh shader: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/mesh-and-shaders/triangle-textured.js 

Just use several meshes and juggle with renderTextures: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/textures/render-texture-advanced.js

Unfortunately, we do not have a tutorial how to convert shadertoy examples to pixi. People who tried to convert something tried it on small examples and used mesh shaders and filters. For this big example - nobody tried, you'll be the first one. It doesn't mean its impossible or that pixijs is not made for it - we just didnt have a single case like that. You are the first one - make sure to share the experience so others will follow.

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