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I Am New to PixiJS and I Want to Make Something Like I Mentioned Inside, Where Should I Start?


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I am looking at this codes: https://codepen.io/davidhartley/pen/zpuwC. I want to have clouds like that in my PixiJS application. But, I need reference on how to get started. For starter, how I can make an extremely simple version of the cloud? I want to make an extremely simple version of this and step-up from there.

What is this function used for:

var shader = new PIXI.AbstractFilter(fragmentSrc, uniforms);


And what makes PixiJS able to make 3D render? I though it is only meant for 2D development.

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42 minutes ago, notalentgeek said:

And what makes PixiJS able to make 3D render? I though it is only meant for 2D development.

Officially no, you can user sugar plugin to make easy 3d (thanks to master ivan) :)

It should also possible to work with webgl from pixijs to create VR 3d or 2d stereo game with projections.
I had a discussion with some dev from exokit and it confirms that it possible, I have not yet had the time to test this but it in my target!

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51 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

3d ? VR? yeah, only if you make your own stage tree elements. It doesnt matter for Core modules, but scene in pixi is 2d, maybe 2.5d with pixi-projection.

Hum My general idea is experiment 3d  stereo (180) and not (360)
Maybe a kind of renderer before and after with projection (am not remember but am sure i seen something to render before and after in a ticks with your projection plugin).
So maybe renderer camera before to L-eye and after with shifting all layers groups X to R-eye.
You know , something like this, all thing on right eye side are just little bit shifted on X position.

I don't know if am clear but take a look here.
It was this technique that I used at the time or it was fashionable to use Nvidia stereo glasses.

So logicily with your camera plugin , we should able to make this work in 3d stereo (180) inside VR.
By get the texture rendering before and after shifting.
It's just a little difficult yet because on my first reading We need play with LowLevel  pixi js with webGL


EDIT: Example diablo 3 as 2d to (3d stereo 180) hack in vr 



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