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javascript how to sort this condition trough objects ?

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I have a specific question based on this case...

Assuming i have this objects




if i check the distance on y  between ball and the pigs and if i want the biggest value trough the pigs and after do a specific action on the pig who have the biggest value ? i try with array.sort() but i can't find a solution to after identify the concerned pig...

Example :

ball.y  - pig[0].y = 54

ball.y - pig[1].y = 120

ok its pig[1] => do a specific action on it !





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You only need the id of the pig with the biggest distance, so I'd loop through the pigs and store the id with the biggest y value:


let pigIDWithFurthestY;
let biggestDistance = 0;

for(let i = 0; i < pig.length; i++) {
    if(ball.y - pig[i].y > biggestDistance) {
        biggestDistance = ball.y - pig[i].y;
        pigIDWithFurthestY = i;

//ok, so at the end pigIDWithFurthestY will contain the i value of the pig that is the furthest in y.
//To do an action on it, just call it with

// pig[pigIDWithFurthestY]

//the variable names are just for you to understand what's happening, but you can name them as you wish.


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Fixed the for loop.
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