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Texture sourceSize same as frame size?


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How would i make the sourceSize (width and height) the same as the trimmed size when making a PIXI.Texture.from() ?

Because my sprite gets kinda messed up when the sourceSize is {w: 614, h: 564} and the trim is {width: 286, height: 481}, and i couldnt change the width and height on the texture directly either, soo not really sure.

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You have to edit it manually.

var baseTex = PIXI.BaseTexture.from(...);
var tex = new PIXI.Texture(baseTex, frame, orig, trim, 0);

As what is frame/orig/trim, you have to look in 


Yes, I can give you some wise words about meaning of those rects: "frame" is what is in atlas, "orig" is what was original image (0,0,w,h), "trim" is that "frame" inside "orig": (x,y,w2,h2) - must fit inside orig. However its easy to mistake in parsing that explanation, so you have to look in the sources :)

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yes, single "frame" is enough. If you need more then you need to pass two more rects. That also looks like cloning, you'll get same texture. Don't forget that when you modify it later, like "n.frame.x+=1", you'll have to do "n.updateUvs()" to notify texture that something inside was changed.

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