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Can't access animatedSprite outside setup function


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I want to make my fish(fish_) can transform to another form (fishFly_) while jumping, and I wrote a function called "jump" to do so.

But when I was trying to change the .visible of them, console gave me:

Uncaught ReferenceError: fish_ is not defined
    at jump (game.js:142) //the line of "fish_.visible = true;" in "else statement" of "jump function"
    at t.fn (game.js:127) //which is the line of app.ticker
    at t.emit (TickerListener.ts:107)
    at e.update (Ticker.ts:479)
    at _tick (Ticker.ts:187)

seems like I used the wrong way to change it.

Can someone help me T_T

p.s not native in English, Sorry for my poor English

let Resources = PIXI.Loader.shared.resources,
    Container = PIXI.Container,
    AnimatedSprite = PIXI.AnimatedSprite;

//put in loader and .load(setup functions)

let fish = new Container;
fish.jump = 0;

function fishSetup(){
    let fish_ = new AnimatedSprite(Resources['fishWalk'].spritesheet.animations["lagi3_2"]);
    fish_.x = 120;
    fish_.y = 660;
    fish_.zIndex = 31;
    fish_.animationSpeed = 0.15;

function flyingFishSetup() {
    let fishFly_ = new AnimatedSprite(Resources['fishFly'].spritesheet.anmations["fishFly"]);
    fishFly_.x = this.fish_.x;
    fishFly_.y = this.fish_.y;
    fishFly_.zIndex = 32;
    fishFly_.animationSpeed = 0.25;


function jump(delta){
        fish_.visible = false;
        fishFly_.visible = true;
        fish_.visible = true;
        fishFly_.visible = false;

function downHandler(e){
    if(e.keyCode === 32){
        console.log("jump key")
        fish.jump = 1;



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After 3 hours of fighting, I just find out how to solve this.

Just to  var and initialize animatedSprite outside the setup function

var fish_ = new AnimatedSprite.from("path/to/some/img");
function fishSetup(){

Thanks for your attention!

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