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Sprite rotation around anchor point


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I'm attempting to rotate a sprite around it's anchor point, basically the center of the sprite. After placing it on the stage, and applying the rotation transform, I see the sprite is rotating roughly what appears to be around the (0,0) point of the stage. What am I missing in order to get this to rotate around it's own center? I would expect this rotation to happen around the anchor point which defaults in the center of the sprite. I can see it's set to (0.5, 0.5). See GIF and code below.


const melonjs = require('melonjs').me;
import ship from './assets/ship.png';

const game = {
    onload() {
        if (!me.video.init(800, 600, { wrapper: 'screen', scale: 'auto' })) {
            alert('Your browser does not support HTML5 canvas.');
        me.loader.preload(game.resources, this.loaded.bind(this));
    loaded() {
        me.state.set(me.state.PLAY, new game.PlayScreen());
        me.debug.renderHitBox = true;

game.resources = [
    { name: 'ship', type: 'image', src: ship },

game.ShipSprite = me.Sprite.extend({
    init(x, y, settings) {
        this._super(me.Sprite, 'init', [x, y , settings]);
        this.body = new me.Body(this);
        this.body.addShape(new me.Rect(0, 0, this.width, this.height));
    update(dt) {

game.PlayScreen = me.Stage.extend({
    onResetEvent() {
        me.game.world.addChild(new me.ColorLayer('background', '#5E3F66'), 0);
        var physicEditorContainer = new me.Container();
        const ship = new game.ShipSprite(150, 150, { width: 40, height: 100, image: 'ship' })
        physicEditorContainer.addChild(ship, 1);
        me.game.world.addChild(physicEditorContainer, 1);

me.device.onReady(() => {


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