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drawing circles bug


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got this weird bug when drawing lots of circles


let gameWidth = 800;
let gameHeight = 608;

const app = new PIXI.Application({
  width: gameWidth, height: gameHeight, resolution: 1, antialias: true

var circles = new PIXI.Graphics();


let nSegmentsX = gameWidth / 16;
let nSegmentsY = gameHeight / 16;

for (let x = 0 ;x<nSegmentsX; x++){
    for (let y = 0 ;y<nSegmentsY; y++){
        circles.drawCircle(x*16 + 8, y*16 + 8, 8);


It only happens when drawing circles with radius 7 and above in this case, anything below that drawing is normal as you can see in picture 3




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Its a known problem :)

Solution: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Hacks#removing-65k-vertices-limitation

Number of vertices is too high. I recommend to find another solution if that one will be slow on target devices. generateTexture()+sprites, reducing number of points in arc generation algorithm of Graphics, e.t.c.

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You can draw circles using Math and pure WebGL 1.0. Create circles in one VBO for performance. Read this book: WebGL Programming Guide

If you need a lot of vertices you can use Uint32Array for indices:

gl.bufferData(gl.ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, new Uint32Array(indices), gl.STATIC_DRAW);

But you need to call this code in your Init() method:

    private Init(): void
        let uints_for_indices = gl.getExtension("OES_element_index_uint");
        if (uints_for_indices === null)
            console.log("OES_element_index_uint is not available.");

This extension allows for vertex buffer array indicies to be 32-bit unsigned integers.

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"indices" array contains indices of vertices. If you use UNSIGNED_SHORT you can 216 numbers. Max index will be 65535. But if you use UNSIGNED_INT the max index will be (232  - 1)= 4294967295. Read the documentation mage about drawElements() parameters: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebGLRenderingContext/drawElements

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