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updateText not defined in pixi.ts


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Hello, I am trying to create a text that renders to the Rope class. 

                let test = new PIXI.Text("Hello my name is computer", {fontSize:28});
                let rope = new Knotz(test, [new PIXI.Point(0,0), new PIXI.Point(10,0),new PIXI.Point(0,10),new PIXI.Point(20,0)]);

The problem is updateText() is not a function within the pixi.ts. If I dont call updateText it does not force the texture of Text to update. The result is I bind a texture to the rope that has a width and height of 0. Any work arounds?

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Oh, I've got it :) I didnt see that you use TS, my fault.

The function is private.https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/295495bd46b6dc2df736e374f272b0bb3e1c6ee2/packages/text/src/Text.ts#L143

You can complain about it in pixijs issues or even make PR to unprivate it. Just mention that there are threads where people recommend to use this function from outside.

For now just use "as any" :)

Before you ask "why didnt pixijs team think about that", look in other places - many functions of ThreeJS are scope-locked, no way to get to them!

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