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Listening to hierarchy nested events ( e. bubbling )


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I wonder is there a solution to listen to an event being dispatched from nested object. In my case it looks like this:

SomeScreen is an object extending from PIXI.DisplayObjectContainerSomeComponent which is nested inside SomeScreen, also extends from PIXI.DisplayObjectContainerSomeScreenMediator, having reference to SomeScreen instance

now in SomeComponent i want to dispatch an event, for example:

this.dispatchEvent( { type: 'worldIndexChanged', data: { index: this._currentIndex } } );

and in best scenario I could listen to this event from my mediator by listening to SomeScreen like this:

this.someScreen.addEventListener( 'worldIndexChanged', function(e){ console.log('hey'); } );

and not like this:

this.someScreen.someComponent.addEventListener( 'worldIndexChanged', function(e){ console.log('hey'); } );

I know that this is what event-bubbling is all about, but I wonder is there any way to achive this using PIXI.EventTarget 'class'.


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