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Question on Z-Indexing


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I have a container that is filled with objects, each of these objects have children. When the user hovers over the objects the children appear visually on the screen. However, the children do not appear in front of all objects in the grandfather container, only it's immediate parent. Is there a way to make it appear in front of all objects in the grandfather container as well?

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I believe it is happening because the higher z-indexed parent's siblings are always indexed higher than the children of that parent ( their nieces/nephews).


Is there a way to remove the connection between the parent's z-index and it's children and instead just use a global z-index?

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Here's the plugin for it:


You can see "z-index" word in examples and use it with CTRL+C but I advice you to go through the README. Layers are better than z-index.

1. You might even not need to set numbers for z-index ;)

2. Its clear how masks and filters work in those elements.

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