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set interval


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I am trying to run a set interval to draw a tree every 3000 milliseconds in my game loop. however it runs according to the ticker and draw too many trees.


function gameLoop() {
function drawRandomTree() {
drawTree(), 3000
function drawTree() {
tree = new PIXI.Sprite.from("images/Tree_3.png")
tree.x = Math.random() * 800
tree.y = app.view.height / 1.89
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Hello and Welcome to the forums!

You have to put "app.render()" in setInterval too, and specify "{autoStart:false} " on start. Please read this article about gameloop: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Custom-Application-GameLoop

Dont forget to remove old tree from stage. Also after you add 1000 trees - it will draw 1000 trees every time you call render(). You can try to work with pixi like with drawer that doesnt clear() between frames, but.. its not guaranteed in webgl that your stuff wont be erased between frames :( If you want to store previous state of canvas - use RenderTexture.

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thank you Ivan :) I actually had a classmate solve this question for me. but now Ive stumbled upon a new problem. I am looping in sprites trying to assign movement to sprites and its working but when the loop runs again the sprites movement is reassigned to the next sprite and the for sprite movement stops


function gameLoop()
if   (!sprite) {
        return null
} else {
         sprite.x -= 1
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function drawRandomSprites() {
       let images = ["images/Tree_3.png", "images/crate.png"]
       let randomIndex
       randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * images.length);
       sprite = new PIXI.Sprite.from(images[randomIndex])
       sprite.x = 1200
       sprite.y = 420
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