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PIXI & DOM Inpus


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There's no clear article on that, but Accessability package of pixijs has all necessary code inside. Also you can copy something from https://github.com/Mwni/PIXI.TextInput .

Basically, need to take calculated transform matrix from pixi element and put it to css transform of DOM element.

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sample use:
html page section

<input id = "number1_input" type = "number" min = "0" max = "100000" value = "10" onchange = "html_inputChange_Sayi1 ()" onkeyup = "html_inputChange_Sayi1 ()" style = "visibility: hidden">


window.addEventListener('resize', resize);
window.addEventListener('orientationchange', resize);

var w,h;
function resize() {

    var canvasRatio = 800 / 1440; ////canvas genişlik ve canvas yükseklik
    var windowRatio = window.innerHeight / window.innerWidth;


    if (windowRatio < canvasRatio) {
        h = window.innerHeight;  
        w = h / canvasRatio;
    } else {
        w = window.innerWidth;
        h = w * canvasRatio;
    app.view.style.width = w + 'px';
    app.view.style.height = h + 'px';

function resizeHtmlElement(){

    var sayı1_size_degis=document.getElementById('number1_input');




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