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Webpack || playable ad || json


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Hello everyone, I'm new to Pixi.js!
I faced a problem - need to get one html file at the output. I use webpack for assembly. I inline scripts, convert images to base64, but I don’t know what to do with atlas.json. Help me please

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That's not a easy task for newbie. Prepare for pain. We dont have tutorials about that, and its advanced feature.

Here's a basic project: https://github.com/eXponenta/pixi5-playables-boilerplate

Yes, it has several difficult things, like its own base83 encoding somewhere...

Hope that code helps. Otherwise you'll have to ask creator of resource-loader how to inline json files. I think that was answered too many times in both pixijs repo and in resource-loader

You should use search on closed issues.



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hey @soop I wonder if you have managed to make the bundler? Right now, I am also trying to make it with webpack. I managed to the base64 part, but I still don't get favorable result. Could you please share your work? Or if you are stuck maybe we can finish it together :)

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