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PIXI.Container as mask


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Hi all. As you see my question is related to masking. Have you ever used PIXI.Container with a PIXI.Graphics child to mask PIXI.DisplayObject?

I.e. Pixi.DisplayObject.mask = PIXI.Container

I've noticed this approach in a project I'm inheriting. I've tested it and works as expected. However this is a bit strange technique for me as I've never seen this before.

Do you foresee any issues with that (i.e. any browser related issues etc.)?

Thank you for your time.

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Yeah, that's only for graphics masks, implemented through stencil.  It just renders all elements inside mask container to stencil.

Sprite masks (alpha-masks) cant work like that, it will require extra framebuffer operations. After recent mask refactoring its possible to implement it but we just dont have time :)

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Hi Ivan, thank you for your reply.

In my case I have only graphics in my container that is used as a mask.

But am I correct by assuming that approach is not supported by PIXI.CanvasRenderer or I'm missing something?

Thank you again.

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I have a special magic way to determine that: I look in sources.


Here's recursive container walker, so it should support such mask.

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