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Video not fully loading on mobile


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Hi there!

I'm having a problem and maybe someone could help me.
In my game I'm trying to load some videos (4 exactly), I did it this way on a separate scene (boot.js) in preload function:

this.load.video('beforeWarnVideo', 'src/assets/videos/web_intro.webm', 'canplaythrough', false, false);
this.load.video('mainVideo',       'src/assets/videos/into.webm',      'canplaythrough', false, false);
this.load.video('menuLoopVideo',   'src/assets/videos/menu_loop.webm', 'canplaythrough', false, false);
this.load.video('enterVideo',      'src/assets/videos/enter.webm',     'canplaythrough', false, false);

When I test it on any desktop browser it works just fine, but on mobile I can't get videos working. I've connected my iPhone to my mac for debug and I found that Phaser is telling me that the videos aren't fully loaded (I leave an image attached).

Is there another way of making sure that my videos are fully loaded before they show?

Videos are in webm format. Videos sizes are little bit high, but client want it anyways (I compressed them a lot), sizes are:

  • web_intro -> 291 kb
  • menu_loop -> 7.4 mb
  • into -> 9.9 mb
  • enter -> 3.4 mb

Thanks in advance


Captura de pantalla 2020-04-26 a la(s) 16.07.54.png

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