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Centering pixi graphic primitives, positions


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let bigRect = new PIXI.Graphics();
bigRect.drawRect(0, 0, 200, 150);

let smallRect = new PIXI.Graphics();
smallRect.drawRect(0, 0, 190, 140);

let smallRect_x = bigRect.x + (bigRect.width - smallRect.width)/2;
let smallRect_y = bigRect.y + (bigRect.height - smallRect.height)/2;
smallRect.position.set(smallRect_x, smallRect_y);


bigRect.position.set(100, 100);

I want to center smallRect inside bigRect. Why is it working in the code above when positions are set to (0, 0) initially, but wouldn't work if I had any position other than (0, 0) for the bigRect. It's not a problem to set the initial positions to (0, 0) and than change them, I just want to understand how it's working underneath.

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x,y are actually part of "position" , and position is part of "transform". Its applied both to element and to child. So, if you have bigRect.x = 100 , then smallRect.x wil be also 100, and world coords of smallRect will become 200, that's your problem.

Don't worry, every user of Flash-like 2d renderers has to go through confusion over transforms ;)

btw, if you use bigRect(90, 90, 200, 150) , that "90" wont appear as "bigRect.x" , and smallRect wont be centered. In your case bigRect.width is actually "bigRect.getLocalBounds().width" , calculated bounds of the graphics. yo can use "bigRect.getLocalBounds().x" to get what you want 

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