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Make a grid


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I'm new to pixi and I want to create a grid with line ,

but I'm not find any tutorial to make this.

I'm working with JS and I need to make something a little interactive ,

Display a grid with squares in it and select them.

I make a codepen ( with fabricJS ) of the result a want with Pixi


Does someone here can help me ?

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hi , this is how to make interactive in pixijs.

You have a lot of way to perform this easily, you will just need practice and debug.
I made you a demo here to help you to start.
Click on grid and look how basic math work with normalised values.

Hope this can help you !

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hum this will be more related to js and math algo.
May add a key listener with key `shift`



than , if shift: true, make a mouse hover with push selected id in a global array. (a pool) 

When release shift, if you have things in your pool, make them selected.


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